Monday, February 15, 2010

A Teacher Give A Student A Wedgie Is It O.k. For A Teacher To Give A Student The Same Exact Work Done In Class As Homework? ?

Is it o.k. for a teacher to give a student the same exact work done in class as homework? ? - a teacher give a student a wedgie

My son is in fourth special session of educational resources for reading, language and mathematics. The teacher is no homework, but I asked him to do my homework for the children, so you can practice the techniques you learn in class. There is the same work in the classroom as homework. My son has mild mental retardation, is in sixth grade and 3 Year. I do not feel as if they are underutilized. My child often remembers the answers in class.


snethent... said...

The job is really for students, is not yet fully understood and skills you need to have additional practice to develop concepts. If your child is performing well in the ability of the school that the task has at home, simply send a waste of time for your child. In addition, some teachers believe that the problem may actually bad student learning abilities or incorrect coding of bad habits or. For example, if a student does not understand, a skill at school and then goes home and tries to assign the task has ended in this skill, you can end up making all the problems wrong, and simply bad practice techniques or skills. Thus students will be discouraged if problems are poor, and has done more work for the teacher, the "avoidable harm". Most teachers haveI had a lot of college-level courses of the task and has benefits and damages. If they believe that it is necessary for the task. Otherwise, they will not. Without sounding accused some parents feel they can help their children with homework for the loss of time they have with them during the day or in any way to make good parents. Instead, it would be more effective to have in extending what they learned each day, discuss with them and then maybe give them a job or something of what they have learned. For example, if your child is reading a book about Indians, what can go online with him and see some pictures or art of the Indians. I would like to ask the teacher what your reasons for not assigning the tasks of theND to see if your answer that you met. If it seems less a professional response to your employer about ways to challenge your child.

Dr Skip said...

I suggest you speak with the teacher. If the reason makes sense for you and you are happy to leave him and accept his leading role in the task. If you do not agree with him, one might say that if you ask him to come up with similar exercises, but unlike his son, sites can at home, or books that are for enrichment. Teachers should keep their children at IEP - they should know that inside and outside, and you should do, - (please, no offense). You have to judge for you whether it follows. If there is something that must be repeated, then it is actually teaching Professional and hopefully can work, so that you trust your opinion. Talk to the principal if you can not solve the problem. Most textbooks today have Web Resourcis that you can use at home, and enrichment. The key is really in the IEP - that the plan, which must be prosecuted.

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